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Peet Denny, Founder
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high velocity

An organisation’s ability to move safely at speed, being able to quickly turn ideas into reality, to react to changes in the market or regulatory landscape and to grab opportunities as they arise.

best boy electric ensure you execute at a faster pace and with less risk, with modern technologies, methodologies and approaches. Lean Startup, Agile, DevOps and Cloud help you bring the right product to your market in a shorter time with greatly reduced exposure to human error, defects and incidents.

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high velocity for increased efficiency

We deliver at pace making your business leaner and more agile, with processes to reduce work-in-progress, making you more profitable and more competitive.


Our engineering focus encourages searching for the simplest possible solution to a problem, using the right tool for the job, and the application of computer science. The right use of modern technologies results in a solution that is robust, simple and easy to maintain.


We’re keen students of any practice or method that will help us deliver value more quickly, encourage collaboration or help to build more robust systems. Methodologies like Agile, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Lean allow enterprises to drastically improve delivery velocity, system resiliency and customer satisfaction.


Cloud, virtualisation and containerisation allow us to build elastic systems which grow and shrink depending on your system load. This is not only a great way to control costs, but also makes capacity planning much easier. We’re big fans of infrastructure automation too, which allows us to recreate an entire execution stack at the push of a button. These practices ensure that quality and resiliency are not compromised when delivering systems at high speed.


Some of the best improvements in team performance come from improving collaboration with those involved in the inputs and outputs. In software, this means bringing the business closer together to the development team, the development teams closer to the operations teams, and the business closer to its customers and users. The methodologies we use greatly enhance collaboration between all of these teams.

our passion is helping organisations become awesome at technology, fast!


Peet Denny - Founder

Peet Denny

founder, software consultant

Peet is a senior software consultant, who is excited about helping businesses get to their goals through the use of technology. He's worked as a developer and designer, run large delivery teams both on and off-shore, and has extensive experience leading large programs of change as technical lead or principal architect. He has introduced Agile, TDD, CD and DevOps to a range of organisations, and is passionate about enterprise and organisational change.

our work

Tasked with improving the time-to-market for new initiatives at a major pensions company, over 18 months we introduced Agile, Continuous Delivery, full automation of the release and deploy pipeline and started the beginnings of a new DevOps culture.

This has helped the organisation to be a nimbler, more competitive business with a lower IT TCO. The business can now take an idea from a sketch on a napkin to a feature running in production in under two weeks.

We were able to deliver a major save-the-business program of change very quickly, getting an MVP into production several months ahead of schedule and iterating several times a week to learn from and react to the market response to our updates.

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Making organisations more awesome at technology

We don’t like to complicate things.
We know that the true hallmark of great engineering is simplicity distilled from complexity.


So, we have two modes of operation.
Whichever of the two options you choose best boy electric always delivers the desired outcome to a very attractive timescale, and a pipeline to transform ideas into working systems at high velocity.

01. Ownership

We will take ownership of a system for you, end-to-end.
We build and run the entire thing so you don’t need any tech expertise yourself, but have benefit of having a team of elite experts working for you.

02. Incumbent

We will work with your incumbent technology teams to help them to develop the high velocity capabilities.